The Phenomenal Woman Charlene Mitchell

    charlene mitchell

    IDM: Growing up in Ohio, tell us about when
    you made history in Toledo as a TV Reporter.
    Charlene: I was the first Black woman TV
    news reporter in my hometown in Toledo, Ohio.
    Of course, I was excited to be hired in my chosen
    career, and because I was making history, the
    pressure was on to be very good. I was fortunate
    that the viewers responded positively to my on-air
    work, and the station’s ratings improved considerably.
    Back then (the early 70’s), it was a huge deal.
    The Toledo Blade had my photo on the front page
    of the daily newspaper. I was shooting a news report
    with an old-fashioned film camera. I was the
    photographer and the reporter, all for a whopping
    salary of $125.00 per week. After two raises, I
    was at $145.00. Incredible!