January 29, 2023
  • January 29, 2023

The importance of True Self-Love

By on February 22, 2020 0 1276 Views

National self-love day is February 13th.  Most people equate self-love to that of pampering themselves with spa days and such.  Leaving outward man having been pampered and soothed all awhile their inward man is empty and yearning for healing.  Most people mask and cover the inner wounds and hurts with outward mechanics and it works for a moment.  A temporary fix for a much deeper wound its like placing a Band-Aid on a cut that seriously needs stitches to be able to heal properly.  You see most people run from the true digging and work that is necessary to heal and I understand because it hurts.  However, there is an inner healing necessary to be able to experience true self love.  The inner work is the work most left undone.  Self-love is defined as truly knowing oneself through the eyes of God.  He is the only person that can not only heal the deep-rooted wounds within but as he is healing the wounds, he has a way of loving us to a place of healing and wholeness.  Knowing what god says about you in the only way to truly be able to see yourself in a whole healthy manner.  God states that you are wonderfully and beautifully made.  That alone negates most of what others say about you that doesn’t line up with what he says about you.  Self-love is the key to truly being able to walk in the fullness of your God given purpose.  You see as long as you are walking around with an open wound what will occur is that you will unknowingly begin to bleed over every area of your life.  No area of your life is safe from the destruction that you will cause to your life without fully understand the necessity for true self love. Be willing to look within, face the areas that need to be healed and allow God to be able to freely position you to truly obtain every blessing that has your name on it!  Find out who you are in God by reading his word, seeking revelation in prayer and by all means if counselling is needed then get it.  That is one of the most underrated true forms of self love.  Mental wholeness is a requirement to be able to not only obtain a life of success but to also maintain it as well.

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