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Story Behind the Photos

by on February 27, 2020 0
Story Behind the Photos By Monica Morgan The first time that I’d photographed Winnie Mandela was as a pool photographer when I was selected to ride in the motorcade with her and her husband, Nelson Mandela. It was definitely an exciting time; however, it was not as exciting as was spending time with her... Read More

Prepare for an Awakening

by on February 27, 2020 0
Prepare for an Awakening By Pastor Keith P Hudson It is interesting to note that the word awakening in English is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as an act of waking from sleep or an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.  Another meaning provides a more revelatory definition, and that is being... Read More

A Healthy Love for the Heart

by on February 27, 2020 0
A Healthy Love for the Heart By Regina Reid The human heart beats approximately 60 – 100 beats per minute (bpm) in a healthy adult. A heart stressed by emotions or anxiety, walking or running, dehydration, insufficient nutrition, insufficient sleep, recent illness, or medication may fluctuate from its regular heartbeat or pulse. These fluctuations... Read More

African American inventors from Michigan

by on February 27, 2020 0
Robert Pelham: Born in January 1859 in Petersburg, Virginia, but raised in Detroit, Robert Pelham invented and patented two devices that made the Census collection process easier and quicker – the tabulation device (1905) and tallying machine (1903). Elijah McCoy: Elijah McCoy was born in May 1844 to fugitive slaves who escaped to Ontario, Canada... Read More


by on February 27, 2020 0
BELLE ISLE PARK Belle Isle is a recreational island park located in the Detroit River between Detroit, Michigan and Canada. The island was originally settled by French explorers in the 1700s, who referred to the area as Hog Island. More recently, the island is a product of Parisian inspiration, born out of the late... Read More


by on February 27, 2020 0
Paradise Valley was the business district and entertainment center of a densely-populated African-American residential area in Detroit — known as Black Bottom — from the 1920’s through the 1950’s. During the 1920’s, the black population in Detroit swelled from 41,000 to 120,000 as new migrants from the South arrived daily to seek employment in... Read More