Sharon Steele Unapologetic


I am excited about this interview and to chat with
you. We’re going to talk about you being unapologetic.
How about that?
Yes, we are. I appreciate that. First of all, it’s an
honor to be here to have you interview me, and I
don’t think you’ve ever interviewed me before; I
have always brought people for you to interview.
So, it’s just something new for me. People write
about me, but they never really interview me.
Okay, well, this is going to be fun. All you have to
do is relax. We’re just going to have a conversation.
So, first of all, ladies and gentlemen, I would
like to say that Sharon is now a part of Impact Detroit
Magazine. She is the Marketing and Advertising
Director for Impact Detroit Magazine. So, we
welcome you, and we’re pleased to have you on
board. We’re excited and looking forward to what
this new year will bring to Impact Detroit Magazine.
So, let’s jump in. Let’s talk about you being
unapologetic. Tell me why you’re unapologetic.
Because most of my life, I always apologize, I had
to come to terms with myself. But, I will say, within
the last five years of being 50 plus. I decided
in 2022, I was going to do things differently. I’m
not going to apologize.

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