January 29, 2023
  • January 29, 2023

Prepare for an Awakening

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Prepare for an Awakening

By Pastor Keith P Hudson

It is interesting to note that the word awakening in English is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as an act of waking from sleep or an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.  Another meaning provides a more revelatory definition, and that is being roused into action or activity. Additionally, when we apply these definitions to a spiritual and natural activity called fasting, it changes the meaning.

Religions around the globe and health experts both agree that there is something about fasting which changes something within a person and their bodies, and it appears that these changes are beneficial.

Fasting at its basic meaning is to forsake natural food for a time. This forsaking of food can be for many reasons. In most cases it applies to a religious act because of consecration or dedication. But in the medical field, it is often necessary preparation for a physical evaluation in order to determine a person’s state of health. 

When we examine fasting from a religious perspective, it has everything to do with an act of penance, of obligations, or of faith. Fasting makes you aware of your spiritual state of being to then take actions that would eliminate wrongful spiritual influences or belief systems that have been violating the core of your belief. It also helps people to examine themselves relative to their obligations, reassuring commitment to their faiths. Therefore fasting from a religious standpoint eliminates anything that comes against one’s belief system, simply reestablishing and renewing that belief. It is a call to action.

In the medical field, health experts also agree that fasting is good for the body. The elimination of an accumulation of toxins in the body is vital, a key to good health.  Fasting allows the body to work on the removal of toxins in order for cells to be cleansed and rejuvenated.  One major organ where fasting helps to remove toxins is in the brain.  If the brain cannot function effectively, then we can’t think effectively.  Also, foods such as caffeine, processed sugars, trans-fatty acids and other chemicals that are put in our foods potentially have devastating effects on brain chemistry. However, when these toxins are eliminated from our brains, we become more effective in our thinking.  As toxins are removed from our bodies, our organs and bodies are healthier.

So what is the awakening?  It is the evaluation of our state of being and the removing of everything in one’s life both spiritual and natural that is toxic.  This is everything from bad emotions to wrongful eating habits which interfere with our ability to reach the height of a life’s journey.  If these things can be removed, we can see and experience more things about God, having physical abilities that we’ve never ever tapped into before.  We can see God in clearer views, which means our faith has increased.  Our bodies can function properly with newfound strength.  We will be roused into new thoughts, actions, or activities to the glory of God because we are awakened!