January 29, 2023
  • January 29, 2023

Love is a Joke! Serious, NOT Serious

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By LC Funny

Hey Beautiful people in this beautiful love month. We all know that Valentine’s Day is one of the days when every woman wants to be showered with gifts, and men do too. I definitely do not want to leave all you men out. But you can agree—women can be extra.

I have some do’s and don’ts for you men/ women in 2020. New start of a Decade, so we need new gifts “LOL” Well, here you go!!!!!!!!!!

Do—Give a Hallmark card with a great meaningful saying something that makes you cry while reading it.

Don’t—Go to a Dollar Tree store. They have the favorite saying “You are Special to me, Happy Valentine’s Day!” Well I’m worth $1.00, LOL

Do—Buy Dove’s Candy Their advertising on the bag lets you know its smooth, real, and will melt in your mouth. You may only get 10 pieces in a bag, because it’s expensive, but it’s so worth it.

Don’t –Men, we don’t want that Russell Stover’s assorted candy where we have to guess and try it out and, then, throw the rest of it in the trash because it was coconut.

Do—Buy Roses!!!!

Don’t—No carnations and No Peace Lilies, because if it was me, I would have asked where’s the funeral program which comes with it? LOL

Women I can’t leave you all out, because we can get a little lazy too…

Do—Find him some good cologne; Versace, Gucci, Jean Paul, etc.

Don’t—Do not buy any Old Spice or Axe because it comes in a nice gift box or it says they will stay fresh for 10 hours. Next thing you know, it will be used as a tool box and sprayed on the family dog.

Don’t’—No Teddy Bears! It’s going to end up in the garage, and the dog will be fighting with it, expecting the bear to fight back. It will also remind him about when he’s back home with his mama. Next thing you know, you look over and he is sucking his thumb. Nooooooo to the bear Ladies!

Do—Make sure you tell him how much you love him after you accept and approve of your gifts. Haha. In all reality, the love you have for each other overpowers anything!

I hope this helps you all and has brought a little humor to your day. Remember to Love, Live, Laugh and Don’t be Cheap!! Comedienne LC Funny bringing laughter to Glow Yo Soul!