January 29, 2023
  • January 29, 2023

All Lessons No Regrets (Own Your GREATNESS)

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By Charlene Hardon, CEO

Motivational Lyfestyle Brand LLC

For many of us, our past experiences have led to all sorts of disappointments, or they have led us toward that long list of ‘what if’ questions.

We all tend to question our past actions without realizing that GROWTH is the very thing giving us the ability to recognize that we need to improve.

As a teen mother of multiple children, I felt this many times on many days. Additionally, I suffered from low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence; but I had mastered the appearance of happiness, especially to family and friends. My happiness was so convincing. In fact, I had this thing within me that was able to motivate everyone around me to LIVE. Problem being, I needed to take my own advice! Eventually, I worked on self-development in the areas where I lacked confidence, and from there, in that journey, “All Lessons, No Regrets” was birthed. The concept behind ‘All Lessons No Regrets’ is in appreciating the fact that everything happens for a reason, rather or not it is known or unknown at the time.

Self-empowerment is the kryptonite to every negative life experience. There’s something special about being able to cherish a life lesson and to leave behind past regrets while continuing to move forward in your greatness, no matter how detrimental a past experience has been. The mission becomes an effort to try to turn your negatives into positives by loving yourself enough to learn from each detour while not dwelling on the things that no longer serve your greater good.

Love yourself enough to share your experience and triumph with others in hopes of helping them to see victory ahead.

Love yourself enough to own your mistakes and to not make excuses for the reason behind them; instead, build a greater foundation with the lessons you’ve learned from those trying times.

Love yourself enough to forgive and to keep growing. But, most of all, love yourself enough to own every great aspect of your being. No one can offer this world the gifts that were ingrained in you before birth! Your uniqueness is your prize possession, so OWN IT, and use it to create positivity throughout your community and, ultimately, throughout the world.

When you use your superpower, you inspire others to do the same. #SpreadingPositivityMOVEMENT